Omotoke Fatoki

Domestic tourism promoter. Travel blogger. Content creator. Project manager for humanitarian causes,brand influencer.

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Alàrinká| the ones who love to see the beauty of the world, is a merch produce to promote love, travel and humanity to inspire you to see the beauty in everything.

We are all about VOLOUNTOURISM: which simply means travelling with impact,giving back to the communities that helps shapes our experience. The 774 local government area movement is an impactful travel/adventure. We need your financial/ brand collaboration to continue with this project.

Exploring the Allure of Senegal: A Tranquil Gem in West Africa

Senegal truly gets it, emerging as a destination that demands attention and admiration. Despite the initial frustration and disappointment surrounding the entry process, these sentiments swiftly dissipate upon setting foot in the country. Oh, what a magnificent sight to behold! In the grand symphony of travel, Dakar takes the lead, showcasing the profound impact that town planning and city landscapes can have on a traveler’s first impression. The architecture seems to follow an unspoken directive, dictating the precise height, width, color, and form of each building to maintain a harmonious urban tapestry. As I navigated the cities, I couldn’t help

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The ECOWAS Travel Certificate: My Near Deportation Experience in Senegal

My journey with the ECOWAS travel certificate led to an unexpected and eye-opening experience in Senegal, a nation that is part of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS). This article delves into my encounter with the ECOWAS travel certificate and the challenges I faced when trying to exercise my right to free movement within the ECOWAS region. Discovering the ECOWAS Travel Certificate As a young Nigerian, I came across the ECOWAS travel certificate, which in lieu of the ECOWAS passport  offered the promise of unrestricted passage to the 15 ECOWAS member states including Senegal. It seemed like a

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