Omotoke Fatoki

Domestic tourism promoter. Travel blogger. Content creator. Project manager for humanitarian causes,brand influencer.

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Alàrinká| the ones who love to see the beauty of the world, is a merch produce to promote love, travel and humanity to inspire you to see the beauty in everything.

We are all about VOLOUNTOURISM: which simply means travelling with impact,giving back to the communities that helps shapes our experience. The 774 local government area movement is an impactful travel/adventure. We need your financial/ brand collaboration to continue with this project.

How to “FUND” your Travel as a Broke Inspiring Travel Blogger.

I know you’re wondering what “ Travel & “Broke” is doing in the statement. Because to travel is to have money. 😂 That’s what I’m about to get to in a minute. A few weeks ago, I took to my Newsletter family & social media to share the financial mistakes I made as an inspiring newbie travel content creator and how I went about funding my trip, which was a wrong money “ I’ve learned sha.”  I promised to share how I was able to fund the rest of my trip and hopefully for my forthcoming trips so that

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Top Places to Visit in Cote D’Ivoire

Grab a seat, pour hot chocolate, balanced well then shockingly, Tea spilt  I’m not even crying because that’s what I am here to do anyways, Spill the tea for y’all. If you follow me on other platforms then you will have a visual representation of all the attractions I’m about to list here. if you’re not I will indulge you to do, so you can make a more informed decision  if it’s worth the visit for you or not: WATCH INSTAGRAM HIGHLIGHTS CLICK TO WATCH ON YOUTUBE There are several places to see in Cote D’Ivoire and while I spent

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Ivory Coast | Travel guide, tips, & Requirements

•Currency: XOF•Language: French•Colonized: France•Independence: 1960•How to get in from Nigeria•By Road or By Air•Visa Requirement: Visa-free for NigeriansCovid 19: Requirement: 42 hours PCR TestTwo jabs of vaccination& Yellow Fever Card. Cote d’Ivoire isn’t one of those countries that get tourists and travel operators planning trips to year in year out. I mean, if you’re not adventurous and looking into exploring every country in the world, Cotedivoire may never cut the top must-visit countries in the world. I didn’t grow up knowing a lot about the continents and the maps outside the basics that have been taught in Geography and &

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