Light..Camera..Action.. CUT!

I received a message; it was an invite from Cut Restaurant at Radisson Blu Ikeja. Surreal I must say.

I thought it was going to be some Rice or Pasta type of menu, so in my head, I was already scheming how I was going to crush to bits the chicken bones and forget my home training, guess what?

I quickly snapped out of that imagination.

C’mon! How can I go into a restaurant like this and forget home training? No way!

The entire place screamed prim and proper, class and poise, simple yet well structured. 

And at that moment I was quick to conclude how lavish their menu was going to be and how I should start saving towards my next visit.

But iro ni! The “Cut” won’t cut your head off; their meals are pocket-friendly.

Cut Restaurant formerly known as Cut Steak house, is a Restaurant in the beautiful heart of the Lagos mainland (not every time Island)

They concentrate on what they call the 3B’s

Brioche Bread,

Succulent Beef and

Bordeaux Wines

Bread, Beef and Bordeaux hence my dashed hope of a rice and pasta dream.

The Ambience:

Cut Restaurant, I’d say has that standard setting. Ideally what a five-star hotel restaurant should be.

The décor. Simple yet topnotch.

The designs. Really classy yet modest.

The chandeliers, the sitting arrangement, the kitchen setting…well thought out and put together.

It’s an 7/10 for me.

Nonetheless, the menu was the real deal for me- the starters got me in a state of reverie, in fact, a new dream was birthed – one to kick start eating healthy.

My Starter Selection 

Prawns & Ceaser Salad with White Wine.

I wonder if they know about my love for prawns   I almost asked for more but hmmm(Toke behave ?)

The Prawns: Well-seasoned and cooked, not too much drama going on in my taste buds and that made me love it.

The Ceaser Salad: Romaine lettuce, Parmesan cheese, Garlic croutons.

This is pure veggie; I don’t know why it tasted so much like a Tuna salad in my mouth but oh well! I love Tuna Salads, so if this tastes like it then I guess I love a Ceaser Salad too.

Though I started off with Wine Tasting

Wine served: Plaisir De Marie

Alcohol percentage: 14%

Wine Type: White Wine

I fancy white wine and this is one of those wines that make you feel elegant.

Not too strong, not really mild. But you want to go slow while consuming.

The Main Dish:

Lamb chops with Red Wine

Sides: Mashed potatoes, roasted veggies and black pepper sauce.

Okay! For a first-timer trying out this dish, two things could have happened.

  1. It’s either it would have tasted terrible and I felt like puking or
  2. I thoroughly enjoyed it and would love to try it again to properly savor what the dish entails.

Guess which of these 2 happened?

Clap for yourself! You just guessed right!

Option 2 did it for me! I emptied my plate and almost licked the serving dish even ? (tifunnoran)

My friend, an expert at eating steaks couldn’t stop commending how well cooked and garnished it was.

Her Words: “I was almost giving up on eating steaks until this”.

Dear Cut restaurant, you saved a human from missing out of the good things in life ?.

Dessert: Chocolate Pudding

This is where I say “Thank you Cut Restaurant”, but please can I make a request?

Can I get this delivered to me every day?

I love Chocolate and having this chocolate dessert felt like heaven.

E sweet my belle and I felt relaxed right after consuming.

The Chocolate Budding was my highlight for the night; you should definitely try it out.

Cost Breakdown:

Prawns: 2000

Ceaser Salad: 5000

Chicken :1500

White Wine: 10,000 per bottle

2500 per glass

Lamb chops :12500

Sides: Mashed potatoes, roasted veggies, and black pepper sauce

Note- Served with your preferred choice of sauce and side

Red Wine: 10,000 Naira per bottle

2,500 per glass

Chocolate Pudding: 4000 naira

​OH! Another interesting and marketable strategy I noticed is that you can put together your own menu, ranging from –

A main course of 9,000


2course meal for: 10,000

3course meal for: 12,500

Isn’t that a good deal?

Service Delivery:

I’m giving them a rating of 9/10

Yeah! I know they might have been a little more accommodating and nice because I was their special guest but it wasn’t so.

I took my time to observe how they treated their customers. Trust me when I say the attendants’ customer relationship was first-class.

I praise them for great services.

And I’m recommending them to you as a must-visit, you can enjoy a dinner date, girls hangout, conference and such type of gatherings.

How so?!, you may ask…well because

Cut restaurant is split into three:

Cut One: The entrance and the main restaurant 

Cut Two: This is like a dining area, one that can seat about 10 persons.

Cut Three: More like a conference room to accommodate about 18 persons.

You can have a conference meeting here while you dine with your executives and board members.

For my blogger comrades:

You can have your hangout here at a very good rebate.

Thank you, Cut Restaurant for having me.

To visit Cut Restaurant:

Location: Radisson Blu Ikeja

Media handle: Cut_Restaurant_bluikeja.

Let me know in the comment section if you would be visiting Cut Restaurant soon.

Thank you for tuning in today, I hope you are inspired to try out a new restaurant this week.

Till next week on Travel gist/tips with Toke

Alarinka Cares.


  1. Omotoke, my own matter is that chocolate pudding. Can you order just that? That white kinikan that you poured on it, is it milk. Was the pudding kinda hard, or soft? Me I don’t know how pudding tastes like. But It looks like cake in the pic. And since you said it was your highlight. I want to taste. Can you order it out? How big is that red pot/crockpot/whatchamacallit?

  2. I can’t wait to go to places like dz with hubby and the kids, soon enough I hope?
    Nice one babe! Tnx for bringing dz beautiful view to my screen☺️

  3. Hello Tami,
    The Chocolate Pudding is absolutely delicious and yes you can order just that. It is chocolate cake and Vanilla Smoothie, the combination gives a texture that simply melts in your mouth and leaves you with a pamper feeling. you need to try this!

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