Backpacking Nigeria to Namibia: A New Adventure

Dear Alarinkas, my beautiful people who love to see the world’s beauty,

Your social prefect is at it again.

Last year, for two and a half months, we backpacked across West Africa, through ten countries. It was such a beautiful journey, filled with the rich expressions of food and culture, and the challenges we faced along the way.

As an ECOWAS citizen, traveling through West Africa’s borders was still a breeze, and I highly recommend it.

This year, we’re at it again, traveling through Eastern and Southern Africa, connecting via Central Africa.

I am backpacking from Nigeria to Namibia as a solo female, using public buses, staying with locals, and mixing it with comforts for the next 200 days.

Our route will take us through 15 countries, listed belo

This journey has already begun, which means I have a lot to share with you already.

Get your pen and notepad ready because you’ll be getting all the information to help you embark on your own journey when you’re ready.

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Are you excited? Because, ladies and gentlemen of the Humans of Alarinka community, we are about to embark on one of the greatest adventures so far. ❤️

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