The Chronicle of Northern Nigeria, Kano Mega city.

When are they moving the capital of Nigeria to Kano? I need to know.Kano is a big and well structured City, just like Abuja.Good road network, clean, and easy life. Kano was a vibe.

Things to know before visiting Kano.

  • Kano is a northern City, I mean picture Abuja, and you’d see some Kano in it.
  • Mode of Transportation within the city is Tricycle, Keke Napep.
  • Most of the tourist attraction is in a circle( waiting for the same area)
  • You can order a Keke Napep on Opay.

Things To do in Kano.

  1. Go visiting the Emir’sPalace.The Brown looking historical building is a most to visit in Kano, learn some history and take some really beautiful pictures.
  • Visit the Gidan Makama Museum.If you want to know the history, visit the museum.The Gidan makama is where the history of Kano and its people, Artifacts, pictures and written books that best explain the culture and history of people of  Kano to you.
  • Kano Zoo and Botanical Garden. Did you know that?! They are healthy Elephants and Giraffes in Nigeria. I have never seen a giraffe before and Kano zoo really impressed me with how well kept and well-fed those giraffe look. I have seen an Elephant before at the Zoo in Jos but it’s not to be compared to how healthy the one kano is.

The elephant gave me a whole show and I can boldly admit that visiting the zoo was my highlight for the day. Exploring the Zoo was quite exhausting, it’s a whole garden filled with different species of animals and as well, a well-cultivated garden filled with all sorts of flowers.

Gate fee: 100naira for Adult and 50naira for kids.

  • A quick hike to the top of Dala hill.

What is an adventure without hiking?If you want to see the beautiful and Magnificient city of Kano, take a 30min Hike to and fro to the top of Dala hill.I was in awe of the view from the hilltop and the natural breeze that I almost slept off.

Dala hill
  • Take a walk through the old city walls of Kano.

I will keep emphasising on this again and again.Renovate but don’t take out the essence of history. And that was exactly what they did with Kano city walls.From the entrance is a well-renovated building with the historical date of the wall inscribed on it and u the side of this walls was the ruins of the Kano city walls. This wall was the highlight of my trip to Kano, it was fascinating.

The wall was initially built from 1095 through 1134 and completed in the middle of the 14th century. it served as a  landmark that provided protection against marauders and external aggression in the olden days and served as defensive landmarks on which the people relied upon for safety from attackers.
  The Ancient Kano City Walls were described as “the most impressive monument in West Africa and it undoubtedly true

  • Visit the Matry Dying Pits.I didn’t leave any stone unturned in Kano, my feet touched every nooks and crannies and the dying pit was my last stop.The pit that is more than 300years is where the people of Kano dye their clothes.

Other things to do in Kano.

  • visit the Ado bayero shopping mall
  • Take a night cruise around the town.
  • Go eating like the locals / I ate the most dried shawarma I’ve ever tasted and it doesn’t tasted so bad.

What you need on this trip.

  • Money, Kano is not all that cheap except transportation.
  • your gadget for amazing pictures.
  • A friend or two, go with some or make a new one in the city, Kano is best explored with friends.

Before we call it a year, Read the last Episode on my Northern Docu-series here.

I will be waiting at the door with popcorn and 5alive puppy, hurry up! Don’t miss out on the juice

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