The chronicle of Northern Nigeria; Sakkwato(Sokoto Caliphate)

How old were you, when you realised that Sokoto is originally called Sakwato and Sokoto is a modernized way for easy pronunciation?

Right now yeah? I guess so too.

I think this is the part I say Alexa plays me “Mr Eazi- Pour me water”.

Welcome back to another Episode of my Northern Chronicle, I apologize for the break in gist, a girl was caught up in a project for a while now, but this time around I’m dropping all the gems at once. (no carry over to 2020)

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Have you ever been to a destination, and it’s nothing like what you’ve imagined, read or heard. Ha! Can we add Sokoto as one of the southern States in Nigeria?

On my arrival, I saw my brothers from the East everywhere and immediately it felt like I was somewhere in Enugu or Onitsha.I didn’t get the Northern vibe and I thought, maybe it’s the area I stayed but as I moved around, I was convinced it has nothing to do with my resident.

Sokoto is a city located in the extreme northwest of Nigeria, The name Sokoto (which is the modern/anglicised version of the local name, Sakkwato) is of Arabic origin, representing suk, ‘market’. It is also known as Sakkwato, Birnin Shaihu da Bello or “Sokoto, Capital of Shaihu and Bello“.

Tips on Exploring Sokoto

  • Sokoto is a small city mixed with all ethnic group, I.e it feels so homely that I felt I could run into anyone from back home.
  • Most tourist attractions have no fixed price, you’ll be asked to pay anything for upkeep
  • No special dress code for Sokoto, dress moderately always.
  • Transportationion is relatively cheap within the city.

Tourist Destinations in Sokoto

  • Palace of Sultan of Sokoto

Talking about a perfect blend of culture and modernization, the Sultan of Sokoto Palace is a 100/100.

The Palace is beautiful inside and out, depicting culture and not taking out its cultural essence with constant renovations here and there.
What do I expect from a palace of the head of all Muslims in Nigeria, his palace in Sokoto symbolizes the unity of the Nigerian Muslim Ummah. 
On my arrival at the palace, the guards were so nice and welcoming and they were kind enough to take pictures of me.Sadly, most Emirs was on a trip during my visit up north, it would have been nice to have a meet with some of them.

  • Tomb of Usman Dan Fodio

I first saw a documentary on this destination on a friend youtube channel and I was fascinated by how a whole building can be commissioned to be a tomb of a whole generation.The Usman Dan Fodio tomb, is the tomb of an Islamic scholar and the acknowledged founder of the state, Shehu Usman Dan Fodio and it’s located within the state, 3mins drive away from the Sultan of Sokoto Palace.close to Shehu’s Mosque.

The tomb of Usman Dan-Fodio
The tomb of Uthman Dan fodio’s Relatives
  • Waziri Junaidu History and Culture Museum.

If you follow up my stories on Instagram, you will remember this place.On getting to the beautiful and well-structured museum, It was sad that I couldn’t get a guide to take me around and share with me the wonderful history of the people of Sokoto. I waited a long while, all to no avail.
The Waziri Junaidu History and Culture Museum was established in 1973. The museum has an assortment of over 500,000 historical treasures that tell the story of the Sokoto people. There are various displays of the cultural relics and artifacts of the local people archived for public consumption when visitors come into the museum; and it is a place where school children and senior students can learn a lot about the past ways of the people.(Wikipedia).

I enjoyed my visit to Sokoto so much that I decided to stay back one more day than budgeted, it just feels welcoming and I had my most rest there.
A nightlife at the pinnacle hotel with Peppersoup and can of chilled malt to cool my temper after an eventful day was needed for my soul and I went for it.

The peppersoup was made by some Igbo women, and it didn’t taste too faraway from Lagos delicacy.

Thinking of where to lodge closer to these destinations, check out pinnacle hotel.

I also did a little shopping in the biggest market in Sokoto. Got this cute Jalabiya for a token.

Pinnacle Hotel

Hotels in Sokoto are quite on the high side but pinnacle seems to be affordable when I tried booking on The vicinity is beautiful with a touch of nature.

The next state we will be visiting from here is Kano(The Mega City)

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See you in the next episode.

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