When this Pandemic is all over! What next?

When this Pandemic is all over! What next?

For a while, I worried about everything that’s going on, and how it’s affecting the world in general.
It’s so sad seeing the rate of lives being lost on a daily basis and what it is costing us; our freedom, our peace, our livelihood and I can’t help but live in the present with all of this that I forget to think of the aftermath.
Like when all of this is over! What’s next?.

I have seen different posts about when all of this is over ”I will travel more, love more do this, do that” and this desire varies from one person to another.

Now! In terms of Travel, when all of this is over where will you go?
Will you travel abroad immediately, just to get to see the next beautiful attractions or give it more time to ascertain that all coast is clear and it’s safe to explore the world again.

Honestly, this pandemic will be a big blow on international travel, because most people will prefer to explore their countries just to be safe and be sure it’s safe to travel again and this will increase the inflow of tourism locally.

When all of this is over what next!
What/ how are you presenting yourself to benefit from all of these in the travel industry.

If your plan is to travel more; this is what you need to start doing now!

1: Start writing down the places you’d like to visit, what interests you, your type of adventure, what you want to see more and how you love to explore.

Start writing them now, you have more than enough time now to figure out what your hobbies are and which cities can give that to you.

2: create that connection now; People always ask me how do I get host in mostly all the state I visit. Some of my hosts are friends I met on social media. We have created a connection that qualifies us as friends. And one of the secrets to budget trips is having free /cheap accommodation

Now is the best time to make friends on the media. Have a meaningful conversations with people all around your country.
Imagine if you make meaningful connections with people in 15states, it definitely means when you start travelling, you already have a host/friend in those states.

3: Learn a new language; how will you feel if you get to a strange city and you were able to communicate with them in their local language. Delighted right? If so! Learn a new language during this period it will come in helpful.

If you’re presenting yourself to benefit from this financially as a player in the tourism industry, this is what you should start doing.

1: Be a Tourguide; people would want to travel after all this. They will need that big break, a breath of fresh air, a breakthrough from their homes that turned into a cell room overnight. They will need you, an expert, a tour-guide to deliver that desire to them.

2: Pick your destination; As much as you would want to make more money and organise trips all over the country. Pick a few destinations and know them like the palm of your hands.
Learn about these destinations, their tourist attractions, their people, the best of the best hotels, the best restaurants / Buka. Know this destination in and out and planning will be so easy for you.

3; Learn a new language; Maybe you can start learning a new language from the destination you want to focus on.
Learning how to communicate in their local language will make it easier for you to get people around and have an amazing time while visiting.

4: A new skill is the latest sexy; in the travel and tourism sector; what extra advantage do you have apart from organising trips! Can you book a flight? Can you proffer travel solutions?
Search for courses online related to the travel industry and learn one.
This way if you decide to work with an agent before you become one, you’ll have an edge.

5: Start building your contacts; Stay relevant on social media and start establishing your existence. Let people know what you do and what you can do for them. Definitely, when all of this is over, you already know where your first set of clients are coming from.

As we go about watching Netflix, eating and relaxing, don’t let us loose guard. when all of this is over we won’t be caught unaware and unprepared just like the pandemic did.

Also remember to rest and enjoy this moment, don’t over worry yourself but then again let’s use this period wisely.

He who fails to plan……

Thank you guys do have an amazing lockdown season. You can share and contribute to this post via the comment section.
Alarinka cares ❤️


  1. These are great tips Toke. I have to admit the times are very saddening. Constantly praying for the pandemic to be over, for comfort for people who have lost their loved ones and for the world to heal.
    I like the tip about learning a new language. I’ve been earnestly working on doing just that with the hopes of being fluent in a few months.
    I hope you are well and staying safe! XO

    • Thank you for your feedback, it means a lot. All we can do is to stay prayed up and atay positive. Thanks for your prayers for the world, May the Good Lord restore the world. I’m learning a new language too and I’m quite improving. I am well and I hope you’re staying safe and healthy too. Stay Safe ❤️

  2. Great tips toke
    It very important to use this period to prepare and learn more about your skills, After the pandemic you will sure be glad you did cos it will place you in the mind of the community you are building.
    Stay Safe

  3. Wow this is a really a good tips on what’s next when the pandemic is over…Will make sure to use them

  4. This is really a handful. I think it’ll probably take a year or more before people get very comfortable with international travel, except business. And that’s an opportunity for the Nigerian tourism sect. Hopefully they dust things up in anticipation.
    Thanks for sharing Toke!

  5. These tips are really helpful.
    I have been thinking of starting a career as a tour guide. Is it weird?

    I’d like you to enlighten me, if you are able.
    If not, it’s perfect.
    I assure you those tips would go a long way in helping me achieve my goals.

    Thank you.

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