Exploring Brass Island in Bayelsa State

Talking about my daring adventures, travelling to Bayelsa was one of it. I can’t remember how many times I kept going on the website to find a positive report about the State to boost my morale before visiting.
Bayelsa is tagged one of the notorious and unsafe State in Nigeria because it’s a high-security zone and of course one of the Oil producing States in the country. What was I expecting?!
Guess whattttt! It wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. Had a little horrible experience, shared that on my Instagram page but it has nothing to do with the state of things in the State.

Bayelsa is a state in the Southern Nigeria in the core Niger Delta Region it is also known as Glory of all lands.
There’s nothing much to see at the Capital which is Yenagoa, looking for real adventures in the state then you’ve got a 2hours boat ride to Brass Island to do.

Few things to know before exploring Brass Island/Bayelsa.⁣

Yenagoa is the capital of the state, a small city filled with people going about their daily lives, it’s safe in Yenagoa but there’s nothing much to see or do.⁣

Brass Island is the historical part of the State, basically a destination for tourist to explore.⁣

Moving to Brass Island.⁣

  • It is one-hour 45minute drive by road and approximately 50minutes on water.⁣
  • To get a boat you have to get to Nembe, which is 800Bus fare from Nembe park.⁣
  • Boat fee is 2,000 Naira to and 2,300 fro ⁣
  • There are ARMY CHECKPOINTS on the water, about 5 checkpoints.⁣
    • Please Note; You have to throw you both hands in the air, lifted above your head, any funny movement ha.. you already know.⁣
  • Don’t just take pictures anyhow on the water, you never can tell which is an ARMY checkpoint or a restricted building.⁣
  • The people of the brass island are nice, so try to be nice.⁣
  • Get a bike Man from the port to take you around the island, This way you get a guide to protect you in the city.⁣
  • Be careful/Watchful, I know you can’t be too careful because my dear you never can tell, but just watch out.⁣
  • Don’t be too quick to call yourself a tourist, This might do you more harm than good.⁣
  • Stay away from the SHIP  on AKPOAMA Beach, avoid yourself the kinda trouble I encountered. ⁣

Pl⁣aces to Visit in Yenogoa;

  1. The Oxbow Lake: Need an evening at the bank of the lake to catch sunset and hold hands with a lover? Then Oxbow lake is a place for you. There are things to see, vendors around selling foods and drinks and of course music… Entrance fee to is just N100
  2. The Kontiki Amusement park; Everything they do in amusement parks, Games Games And Games. It’s quite a beautiful space with a restaurant. It’s right at the Entrance to the city. Entrance fee: N500 Naira for adult.
  3. The peace Park; Honestly I should be beaten for listing this place as one of the places to see when there is absolutely nothing to see there ??. Forgive me, but you can take an evening stroll there Incase you get tired ..

Exploring Brass Island

This is where exploring Bayelsa State gets interesting and you’ve to be prepared to visit, you have to want to or else you’ll be discouraged to go.

Brass island is where we have the beach, the history and the fun.

Places to Visit in Brass Island

  • The White Men Grave;

the white-man’s graveyard is a cemetery containing the graves of white-men (Europeans) who died in the Akassa Raid of 1885.

The War was caused due to the monopoly trade given to the Royal Niger company by the British government under a Royal charter in 1886. 

The Royal Niger company went as far as molesting, killing and seizing all Nembe trading canoes at the Nigeer Delta coast along the Brass (Nembe) Nation which used to known as ‘Brave City States’ and also the creeks thereby cutting off the Brass (Nembe) middlemen of their legitimate trade into the hinterland. 

The the king, Late Federick William Koko, Mingi VIII, Amayanabo of Nembe Kingdom, who was referred to as the king of Brass people could not withstand the injustice and oppression. Therefore, he mobilised all the kings and chiefs of Nembe kingdom to take action against the Royal Niger company. They collectively decided that it was better to die by the gun than die by eating mud or die by hunger.

The Akassa Raid was the most historic event of the Brass people (present day Nembe & Brass local government )

  • Akpoama Beach; One of the longest sand beach is West Africa. Looking for a beach vibe, then you should visit the Akpoama Beach in Brass Island.
  • Tarkwa Bay ; you need to see my expression when I heard there is Tarkwa bay at Brass Island, I was amazed at how chilled the environment was, so serene and the entrance fee is free
  • Take a bike cruise around the creek; I took a bike cruise around the city, the people of Brass Island are so welcoming and interestingly funny. Especially when they noticed you are a stranger in the city.
  • The Okpo Square: just a picturesque location.


-Stay away from the ship on Akpoama beach⁣

-Raise your hands above your head at every checkpoint.⁣

-Don’t just take pictures anyhow during your boat ride.⁣

Be careful out there, may God continue to protect o⁣

That’s that on Exploring Bayelsa State, if you have any questions you can send me an email or reach out to me on my social media platforms.

I hope you find these informations helpful and you enjoy reading this post.

Till another Episode of Travel gist with Toke. Have a wonderful day guys.

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