36/36 ; Backpacked across Nigeria as a Solo Female Traveller

Hello Alarinkaz,
Now I can boldly call you that as we have switched the Url from Toketravels.com to Alarinka.com. I feel I have proved myself worthy of that name and it’s time to own it with my chest.

Wassup Fam, It has been a minutes on here, nooo! It has actually been weeks since I last posted something on here.

I have been exploring Fams, from one State to another.

Good News Alarinkaz…. We did it… Yaaaayyyyyyy 36 Of 36States in Nigeria +FCT. What made is more iconic is that we made it on the set date for International Women’s day. We out here pulling weight fam..

If you’re a returnee from Instagram, it’s no longer news to you that I recently completed my Journey of 36 of 36 States in Nigeria. Read my message to the world on herehttps://www.instagram.com/p/B9eW6oBgQuj/?igshid=11nlsp39zdkp5

To my Readers all over the world, I just became the First Lady to travel solo around Nigeria by road in the space of 18months, backpacking as a lone ranger, meeting amazing people, falling from a waterfall, getting lost, short days and long nights, hiking under the scorching sun, challenging the status quo and every article about how unsafe it is to travel across Nigeria, especially as a Female.

It is a lifetime adventure for me that I will forever cherish every experience from this journey. I did this for myself and my country. To inspire, to create, to promote, to give a voice.

If you have been following my journey, I dated it here on the 8th of May 2019 that I would love to explore this Country before I turn 27, I didn’t do it before 27 but I did few months after I clocked 27. Read here

And believe me, the timing made no difference, the good thing is one of my goals is already checked off the goals list. I wouldn’t say I can’t wait to check off another because I’m taking my time to enjoy this achievement.
I have nothing less than 25 states piled up in content, and I can’t wait to start sharing everything on here. One state after the other.

This is me officially welcoming you to non-stop incoming amazing content on this platform form across the country.
I know the world is facing a hard time with this pandemic, so I just want to say; please be safe out there, follow the guidelines by W.H.O to stay healthy. Adhere to the strict rules of social distancing and take good care of yourself.


  1. I think I’d give myself 25/36 plus the fCT…yet to touch sokoto, Katsina, Kano, kebbi, borno, gombe, Jigawa, adamawa, Yobe, Zamfara and Taraba. I’ll blame it on fear of the unknown…You inspire lots like me who challenge popular stereotypes about tourism in Nigeria….Well done….However, I’d like to ask how you sponsor your travel plans as experience has taught me it doesn’t come cheap…

  2. You are one bold and strong young lady ✊???. I love how you snatched your dream from fear and rode it through all 36 states in Nigeria. You’ve really reopened my eyes to the wonders of this Earth, Mother Africa and our own land Nigeria. Thank you for sharing your experience with us ?.

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