How to “FUND” your Travel as a Broke Inspiring Travel Blogger.

I know you’re wondering what “ Travel & “Broke” is doing in the statement. Because to travel is to have money. ?

That’s what I’m about to get to in a minute.

A few weeks ago, I took to my Newsletter family & social media to share the financial mistakes I made as an inspiring newbie travel content creator and how I went about funding my trip, which was a wrong money “ I’ve learned sha.” 

I promised to share how I was able to fund the rest of my trip and hopefully for my forthcoming trips so that it can help more people out there.

So How did I get myself out of the travel mess? 

Have you heard the excellent saying, “Nobody dey rush you? And in the book of Odogwu, “Run your race.”

  • I had to prioritise my finances and how much I could afford to fund my trips Monthly, quarterly & yearly. This is important. When I first started travelling, I wanted to see the world, and I paid no attention to its effect on my finances. So at every slightest penny I get, I travel with it—this was a terrible financial decision for me.

  • Intentional Savings.

You see, saving hasn’t been my forte. I never saved any money as a teenager because I had no reason to.  

So to travel more intentionally, open a savings account. 

I Downloaded a saving platform app with an Automation of  N500 daily. 

I know I couldn’t afford much at the time, so N500 seems reasonable. 

Hence, I have been preaching about saving for your travel plans; you can join me to learn how to use this link CLICK HERE

  • Travel Frequency

I reduced the frequency I travelled because I am mainly on the road every other day of the month.

When I travel, I go for 2-3 months at a stretch. So there is an advantage to this, and I will share it in a later letter.  But my dear,  You don’t have to see the whole world in a year. You have our lifetime to do that.


For God who loves the World & me, I have been blessed with a community of you who loves my content & maybe my personality and are keen to watch me reach my goal.

I’m like, okay! If you like what you see on here, Oya gbanjo mo gbede . I designed a branded  Community T-shirt Merch and used it as my FUNDRAISING TOOL. I asked anyone who would love to support my last leg of the trip to purchase one or maybe 10 & do a giveaway.

The T-shirts went for N5k; after the deduction of production cost, the profit went straight into my savings app to keep me on track with my travel budget.

In the first week: we sold 30piecies, so the ministry moved forward.

I had sent the profit to my @cowrywise app, which was locked for the next three months, and within that space of time, I began to plan more on my trips and do other side hustles.

Like: Social media Management

By the time I would finish my last leg in  February 2020, we had sold 100piecies of Tshirt + Good Samaritan that were nice enough to help financially.

  • More Income stream

I was determined to complete the 36/36 by 2020, so there was no stopping.

All these can be applied to your travel plans too. If it can work for me, “ The broke girl from downtown Lagos, ” I am confident it will work for you.


Top Five things you need to Do:

1: Find a reliable source of income that can sustain your daily expenses and help you set a 1% or 5% of the income aside for your travel plans. 

2: Save: Opening a travel savings plan is the most excellent advice you should take out is that Daily N500 savings will go a long way in 3months. You can join my savings community for accountability. JOIN HERE

3: Travel conveniently, when and where you can.

If you have 3months of savings and can only afford IITA Ibadan conveniently, go there, have fun, relax, create your content, and steadily build your brand from it.

You don’t have to go to juggle much in one trip.

If you can only afford one new city or country in a year, make sure you’re doing it with all enthusiasm. 

I know this is a long read, but I promise to share more juicy tricks to travel for free in my future emails.

I want to hear back from you about your upcoming travel plans. I want to help you plan and strategise how we can make it happen.

Remember, I’m always here to read about what’s going on with you. Could you not shut me out?

4:FUNDRAISING: Fundraising is not shameful as people seem to tag it.
I have known people who travel the world on a Gofundme plan, and they didn’t die.

There are ways to go about it and different means to raise funds. If you think starting on social media is too grand style, you don’t have a strong media presence or the community to support you yet. Ask friends and family. Fundraising is quite broad, and we will talk about it deeply soon.

5: Group Travel: The best way to minimise travel costs is to go with other people. This way, you can split costs across the board, Such as; Accommodation expenses, transportation e.t.c

While some of you are reading this article, I know you feel these things are general examples, and you already know about them. Yes! You are right but are you applying it? Are you taking the necessary action required to achieve your goals?

Reading other people’s experiences is meant; To inspire you and start taking the required actions to achieve your desired result. I hope this article inspires you to do just that.

Let me know if you find this valuable article in the comment section and what measures you will be taking to ensure you fulfil your travel plans for the rest of the year.

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