Top Places to Visit in Cote D’Ivoire

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There are several places to see in Cote D’Ivoire and while I spent more days in the city than expected because a sister gotta rest, I have put together a good Itinerary for you. DOWNLOAD HERE

PLACES TO VISIT IN ABIDJAN ( Commercial Capital)

I had my host drove me around town to visit the tourist site on the plateau. This is the commercial hub of Cote D’Ivoire

Places to see:

All within a walking distance or a few miles apart:

  • The Cathedral 
  • The Mosiac: The mosque
  • A walking tour of the plateau
  • Take a boat to experience the boat ride around the city.
  • The Museum: To learn about their culture & their history.
  • Bushman Cafe

A day Visit to Yamoussoukro.

About 3-4  hours drive from Abidjan is the administrative  capital of Cote D’Ivoire, Yamoussoukro which is rather known for this  gem  within the city: THE NOTRE DOME Basilica; Our Lady of Peace. The Biggest church in the world.

Visit Grand Bassam & Assini Mafia

Grand Bassam & Assini are popular know for the beaches. Assini which stood out for it’s lagoon & beach view is one of the most talked-about islands in the country. 

  • A walking tour of Grand Bassam historical street…
  • Relax at Grandbasam Beach
  • Head to Assini! ENJOY THE BEACH
  • Take a boat cruise from the lagoon to the beach.

MAN { The city of Eighteen Mountains}

I took a 10 hours bus ride trip to Man to go chase waterfall.

Man is known for the beautiful le cascade the Man (waterfall) and the Mountains. It’s the most mountainous city in Cote D’Ivoire.. And if you know me well, you will know hiking and waterfall is my absolute travel weakness.

Unfortunately for me, the waterfall didn’t fall. It was a sad experience traveling that far only to realize it’s a seasonal waterfall and it best pour only during the rainy season. places to visit;

  • Le cascade the man waterfall ( best visit during rain season)
  • The monkey forest ( totally worth it)
  • Hike the Mount Toukpi ( totally worth the view)

Experience other things in the City

Take walks, experience night live, go shopping at Trcehville,  

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