How to travel Safe in Nigeria. from top 10 nigeria travel bloggers

When I started my travel journey , there were lots of travel bloggers to learn and drive travel inspiration and motivation from but there was few of them traveling around Nigeria and really documenting it.

As a newbie on the block, I needed the drive to move and see more. Sometimes a picture from someone is all that we need to backpack into the woods and this few people gave me that extra push needed.

Now that interstate traveling is back and we are all hitching to get on the road many of you would be forced to explore locally now because “you know what time is it” ?

I decided to reach out to other travel bloggers who had been there before me and still are to share one travel and safety tips to help you stay safe and prepared out there.

This is going to be an episode on my blog called A traveller’s corner where I will be featuring travel bloggers across the world, to promote, honor and also have them share from their pool of knowledge with us every Tuesday.

So enjoy this read, jolt something down, put it into practice and stay safe out there.


Tell us a brief history of myself.
My name is Dolapo Olayoriju. Most of my friends and people in the community call me by the nickname ‘Dollypimpim. I work in the Aviation Industry as a Ground Handling Exec. but when I am not doing that, I am traveling, seeking one form of wanderlust or the other. I am particularly interested in adventure travels, ones that give a lot of adrenaline rush and are somewhat challenging. So I tend to seek out destinations that give me that.

How long have you been travelling?
I have been travelling for a while, but I started actively travelling and documenting in 2018.

How many states have you been to?

I have been to Bauchi, Benue, Cross River, Kaduna, Kogi, Lagos, Niger, Ogun, Ondo, Osun, Oyo, Plateau, Taraba, Ekiti, Nassarawa, and FCT.

What is the one travel tip you have learnt during your cause of travelling?

I tend to properly research my destinations. I make use of every social media tool available, I read the news, basically get all the information I can get, Then I go there with an open mind. What that does is that it allows me other people’s experiences so I know what to do and not to do. It also allows me to know the risks of every destination.
This is the reason for a community in the first place.

What safety measures do you imply while traveling to keep safe.
The safety measures I take when travelling.
a. I research my destinations properly so I know what I am dealing with. This allows me to pack and behave appropriately. I am talking about money, clothes, hotels, etc. Imagine taking an atm card to a destination that doesn’t even have an atm machine or wearing bum shorts in some Northern States.

b. I inform friends or family about my destination and update them at every point in time.

c. If travelling with a group, we include security personnels in our logistics.
d. If travelling alone, I blend with locals for the best experiences especially if they are welcoming.
e. I always travel with a mini first aid box and my health card, you know, just in case.

f. I try to have fun, but also engage my sixth sense to be totally aware of my surroundings and leave when something feels off.

IG: @oluwaganzy_oit

Tell us a brief history of yourself

my name is Oguntimehin Babajide. I am from the southwestern part of Nigeria. I am an educationist and economist by academic qualifications and a sales person by work experience

How long have you been travelling?

.I have been travelling as far back as I can remember. As a kid, Dad takes us on road trips.i think that was where I got the bug from but I embraced travelling and adventure intentionally in 2010.

How many states have you been to?

I have traveled to 28 states in Nigeria and intend to complete the cycle before the end of the year.
what is that one travel tip you have learnt during your cause of traveling?

one important tip I have learned during traveling and adventure is that there are no stupid questions. Ask all the questions, get tips from wherever you can and don’t forget to embrace the locals(na dem backyard

What safety measures do you imply while traveling to keep safe?
One important safety tip is to inform at least one person of your travel plans/routes before embarking on any journey and if possible send your Live Location as frequently as possible to a friend in case of any emergency.


Tell us a brief history of yourself

 my name is Bolaji Seun, An award winning Nigerian Tourist, travel writer, sustainable tourism promoter, and the CEO of Naija Explorers

How long have you been travelling?
-I have been traveling since 2015

How many states have you been to? well, I have been to 33 states in Nigeria

What is that one travel tip you have learnt during your cause of traveling.When traveling, you’ve to have enough cash with you, so that you won’t get stranded, I remember I got stranded unexpectedly somewhere in Bauchi, I’ve learnt from such unexpected incidents, sometimes I make use of Google map to get to my location, always with my identity cards, like two power banks, enough clothes etc

What safety measures do you imply while traveling to keep safe.
in my cause of travelling?-Whenever I want to go on tour or anywhere in Nigeria, I always share my travel information with anyone I trust, in case if anything happens to me,

I avoid deadly roads and I make sure I keep my valuables safe. such as my camera, phones, and laptop, sometimes I dress in a low key way to put people’s attention away from seeing me as a rich or foreign person in their land, And I make sure I stay in a good and well-secured hotel while on travels for my safety.

IG: Adedotunajibade

1: Tell us a brief about yourself 
My name is Adedotun Ajibade. I am an adventurer, environmentalist and prize-winning nature photographer.

My enthusiasm for the natural world has had me explore landscapes and biodiversity around Nigeria. This makes me more of an eco-tourist!

Photography helps me to showcase Nigeria’s rich biodiversity, promote ecotourism & create awareness on nature conservation.

How long have you been traveling?
I began my adventure-travel as early as 2015

How many states have you been to?
I have visited 22/36 states

what is that one travel tip you have learnt during your cause of traveling?

plan early and pack light for big trips. 

  •    Travel with at least one valid form of identification.

What safety measures do you imply while traveling to keep safe.

  • Research your destination well before setting out.
  • Inform family and friends about your itinerary, and give regular updates (esp for solo trips).
  •     Local guides are almost indispensable. Highly recommended for exploring remote or unpopular locations, for safety and ease of access.


Instagram: @officicialolobo

A brief about yourself?

My Name is Shaibu Hamza Olobo, a traveler, documentary photographer and travel writer based in Abuja, Nigeria. I’m 27 years old, and an indigene of Kogi state, Nigeria (the best state in Africa. lol) 

How Long have you been traveling?

I started traveling in 2012 when I was still in university, but it wasn’t official. I hadn’t yet thought of travel as a lifestyle then, I just enjoyed it and did it.  

But it was in 2018 that I started out full time traveling and my first project was to tour Nigeria’s 36 states. 

So I just say 2 years when I’m asked. To avoid all the explanation 

How many states have you been to? 

I have entered all 36 states but I have only toured and explored 30 of them. So I just say 30 when I’m asked. 

what is that one travel tip you have learnt during your cause of traveling?

  • Your best travel stories come from those times when everything went wrong. And oh my God, things will go wrong a lot. Embrace the chaos, you’d be glad you did. 

What safety measures do you imply while traveling to keep safe

  • Never travel at night, especially to a place you’re not familiar with 
IG: @Susan.Ekpoh

A brief about yourself

We may not be consciously aware of it, but most of us humans, if not all, are on some sort of inner journey. We’re trying to develop and evolve in certain ways. 

The reason I travel is to journey to places that can help me in my inner journey. 

What part of your life are you trying to fix or develop, there’s a place in the world that can aid your healing process. Travel for me is (psycho)therapy laced with enjoyment and adventure.  

how long you have been traveling ?

I have been consciously traveling since Dec 2016. 

How may states you have been to?

If the state has an airport, Susan has most likely been there thanks to work, so I’d say 25 states. But I’ve thoroughly explored 17 states and the FCT. 

What is that one travel tip you have learnt during your cause of traveling. 

  • Keep your heart open and be kind. You’d be surprised at the ways people; your destination and the Universe will open up to you during your journey. 

What safety measures do you imply while traveling to keep safe?

I’m the last person that should answer this question, it’s a miracle I’m still alive. lmao! My guardian angel is working overtime because I do the barest minimum to stay safe. 

Okay, seriously, as a solo female traveler:

•    Be very aware of your surrounding

•    Do NOT reveal that you’re alone. Lie or call fake husband if necessary 

•    Don’t post in real time on social media 

•    Lock, wedge and triple secure your door when going to bed 

•    Store your valuables (passport/documents inclusive) in a safe and go around with soft copies

IG: @Naijamungopark

A brief about yourself
I am Olaniyi Olamiotan Ayeni also known as Naija Mungo Park, an alias I got from my passion for travelling which stemmed from the thrills and experience I got from my undergraduate days as a student on field trips and several excursions. Travel can be simply defined as life, life can be truly boring if its spent in just a place ,so basically, travel gives me joy and teaches me life lessons that I won’t hitherto have learnt if I fail to explore this our God-given earth.I hold a masters degree in Geo-informatics Information  Technology from the University of Lagos and I currently work as the travel and experience curator for Honeymoon Vacays, a budget and luxury honeymoon services providing company headquartered in Lagos, Nigeria.

How long you have been traveling ?
I had my first travel experience in 2010, so 2020 makes it a decade since I started travelling officially. 

How may states you have been to?
Up till date, I have visited 31 states in Nigeria and 5 countries.

What is that one travel tip you have learnt during your cause of traveling?

  • One major travel tip I have learnt over the years is that the one who asks for directions in a strange land is very unlikely to miss the road  to his or her destination.

What safety measures do you imply while traveling to keep safe.

  • Its very important to travel light and its equally important to be able to discern who to trust in a strange land.
IG: @nomadicnegro

 A brief about yourself

Phillips Tunde is a marketing and data enthusiast whose love for travel advocacy started in 2016 as an undergraduate in Unilag who felt travel and tourism has a crucial role to play in re-awakening Africa’s severely undermined potentials.

– How long you have been traveling?

I’ve been a solo traveler since 2010 but began documenting my trips in 2016 (that’s about 4 years ago).

 How many states you have been to?

Since I started traveling, I’ve been to 20 states but as a travel blogger, I’ve done 13 states in Nigeria.

What is that one travel tip you have learned during your cause of traveling?

It’s quite difficult to make a pick but I think the one I find most crucial is:

  • Before going on any trip (no matter how short), always have someone at home (it could be your mum, dad, friend, or neighbour) who you will always give an update of your trip to, in case of unforeseen dangers.

What safety measures do you imply while traveling to keep safe?

  • Since Nigeria isn’t the safest of places for road trips, I try as much as I can to travel by air with every chance I get. And if at all I have to travel by road, I usually prefer traveling with a long coaster or luxurious buses over smaller ones.
  • To mitigate against harassment and violence I try as much as possible to make friends with locals who will be willing to show me around and help me with communication whenever I visit a new state.
IG: @seun.carter

Tell us a brief about yourself

My name is Bamgboye Oluwaseun, known as Seun Carter in the media space. I am a travel vlogger and experience curator.  I currently share my travel journey on my YouTube channel, Seun Carter and plan trips on IG:

How long have you been traveling?

According to my youtube channel, my first video was posted in September 2016, so that’s almost 4 years.

How many states have you been to?

I have toured 10 Nigerian states but I was born in Benin, Edo state, so I would say I have been to 11.

What is that one travel tip you have learned during your cause of traveling?

  • Ask questions. When I just started traveling, I read an article online that said you should never let people know you are a stranger in a new city. I was in Calabar for the carnival and wanted to visit Kwa waterfalls, I was told it’s in Akamkpa LG so off I went with 2 of my friends. We just told the driver we were going to Akamkpa, my friends wanted us to ask the driver more questions on if Akamkpa is really where kwa is but I hushed them cause we have to “blend in and not be perceived as strangers”.

After being on the road for over an hour with it seeming like our destination was nowhere in sight, we finally spoke. Turned out Akamkpa is very big and there are different areas to it. Where we boarded the vehicle was the problem as the Akamkpa loaded there is in the complete opposite direction of the waterfalls. We ended up taking another cab back to the city, with the only thing achieved being wasted money and time. We never saw the falls.

What safety measures do you imply while traveling to keep safe?

As much as the advice of not letting people know you are a stranger may be valid, it should not be at the expense of you getting lost.

  • I would advice you know the places you can go in alone and places you need a local or authorized tour guide to take you in to.

I never was one who took any special safety measures. I always thought all I needed was my research and money, until my trip to Enugu. We met some guys at the Ngwo pine who assaulted us and I believe our tribe had something to do with it. We were able to get into the tourist attraction after some locals intervened and called on the authorized tour guides to take us in.

  • Give unto ceasar what belongs to ceasar. Myself and some travel bloggers were invited on a trip to Osun state. While visiting the Osun Oshogbo sacred grove, one of us was stopped by the women in the shrine, they asked her for money and she told them our gate fee had been paid at the entrance and she kept moving.. She honestly didn’t know they were asking for additional money. They were not happy about it and reported her to some other of us. A few minutes later, her flying drone hit a leaf on a tree and fell into the Osun river. It never came back up. She never saw it again.

I am not one to believe in voodoo power and this may just be a coincidence but when in the situation  give unto ceasar what belongs to ceasar.

IG: Sarah.themaraki

My name is Sarah, I was born and bred in Warri, Delta state. Although I have lived, schooled and worked in Delta state almost all my life, I have spent a good amount of time traveling and exploring states/places within Nigeria. My love for traveling and exploring began when I was 11years old, at a time when life in general was much simpler, a time when GSM Phones were not in use, my mum would buy a bus ticket for me to travel alone to Benin city , Edo state, to spend my after school holidays with my elder sister. She made sure to tell the driver where I was headed, and how he could help me get to my destination once we got to the final bus stop(park) in Benin city. Imagine taking such a risk and placing your 

How long have you been traveling?

I have been traveling and exploring Nigeria since 2017, three years precisely. My first adventure trip in 2017 was to Olumo Rock, Abeokuta, Ogun State 

How many states have I been to?

I have been to 18 states in Nigeria

What is the one travel tip you have learnt during the cause of traveling?

  • I have learnt to plan for miscellaneous, and to keep an open mind that even after careful planning and execution, things could still go wrong.

What safety measures do I apply while traveling to keep me safe?

For a daycation, i travel early, so as not to travel back at dusk, also arriving early equates to taking really good photos with less people around. 

I always carry a power bank, that way my phone stays on 24/7

I never go on a trip without informing family and friends on the destination 

I try to blend in, by taking into cognizance the culture of the people so as not to be too obvious, that means wearing less jewelry or none sometimes 

I never use an earpiece or earbuds while walking or boarding public transport, that way I stay alert.

I am always polite especially when asking for directions.

I hope while you’re putting all of these into consideration , you remember the new safety precautions that has befall us when traveling.

  • Wear your face mask 
  • Go around with your hand sanitizer 
  • Avoid crowded destinations.
  • Wash your hand consistently

I hope you stay safe out there guys as we hit back the road for more exploration.It’s about time we travelled again..

 Alarinka cares.❤️

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