Nigeria to Ghana by Road; The Border Experience

I have finally come to the conclusion that Logistic companies in Nigeria have this personal beef with me being the Road trip queen of this country. The way they choose to disappoint me every time is beginning to get questionable.

Before I get into this gist,

Happy New Year Alarinkaz, Alarinka means(Someone who loves to see the beauty of the world) and that is what I will be calling you my Fams henceforth, let me know if you are cool with the name.

Welcome to a new decade and I pray this year 2020 be the best for every one of us. Thank you for journeying with me in 2019, and I hope we can make magic together this year.

My Border Experience

I’m sure one or two of my readers would have read somewhere on the net, intentionally or not how scary and tedious crossing the west African border is, especially the Nigeria border.

You have bah! Same here.

On the 16th of November, one of my travel buddies in Nigeria @thefisayo shared information about the Women in tourism regional congress in Ghana with me and I thought since I haven’t been to Ghana, this will be a good cause for me to go visiting and explore the country.

I have heard and read a lot of scary write-ups about the Nigerian border and I decided to go with that one safe advice they always give “Go with registered logistic Companies” they have their way with the border stamping. I took the advice to heart and I went ahead to book a bus online with Chisco company. Alarinkaz, it ended in hot tears.

Bus Fare by Logistics Companies standard

  • Virgin passport: 18,000(i:e you haven’t been to Ghana before by road)
  • International Passport:  16,000(i.e you’ve been to Ghana before by road and you have a passport)
  • No International Passport: 26,000

I know your next question would be how would you to travel that road without a passport? I guess most logistic companies already have an agreement with the border authorities.

My advice: Have your International Passport, it’s easier and less stressful to avoid unnecessary begging and bribing.

Back to my Story,
Well! what happened with cross country happened with chisco again
(Read about it here)
But on this said date, I wouldn’t allow history repeat itself and I made sure I caused enough drama to get a refund.

I was to travel on a Sunday because the event starts on Monday, 26th Nov, The agent, telling me the bus won’t move till Monday was the nonsense I didn’t want to hear.
Dear Alarinkaz,
I screamed my lungs out, turned myself to an award-winning Madea, and got my full refund.
Hallelujah somebody.

But I’m glad they messed up cause if not, I won’t be able to share these gems with you on how to travel from Nigeria to Ghana without any border issue or stress.

Grab your pen and journal and take notes.

There are two borders in Nigeria.
•Seme-Border -Badagry road
•Idiroko-Border – Ota, Ogun state.
(the popular border is the Seme-border)
I’m happy to inform you that, I’ve passed through both borders and they both have the same procedures and protocols, so choose the one closest to you anytime you’re ready to hit the road.

Things you need on this trip.
•Your International Passport and yellow fever card.

•Enough Cash for transportation and border fees.

From Badagry roundabout take a cab to Seme border cost 200naira.

If your International passport is a virgin passport, you’ll be required a #1,000 naira for Stamping.
If not: No payment is required, just stamp.

From Seme-border, change your Naira currency to CFA.
Exchange rate: 1.6= 1,000naira = 1,600CFA.

Due to the scarcity of fuel in the country, transportation is quite expensive but still affordable.

From Seme border- Take a cab going to Aflao
Cost: 8,000Cfa= 5500 Nigeria currency.

Note: Most times, these drivers don’t get passengers going that far frequently, they might need to transfer you to another bus when they get to Cotonou.

Once you get to Cotonou border to cross to Togo border, you will have to stamp out of Cotonou border.

Cost: 2,000Cfa = 1,300naira
Entering  Togo Border:
Here your yellow Fever card is compulsory.
You pay: 300Cfa for Yellow Fever Card
And: 2,000CFa to Stamp your passport.
Total: 2,300CFA

At the Togo border, you will be asked to do the meningitis Test, just tell them you’ll do it when you get back to Nigeria but if you have an extra 2,000Cfa you can go for it and you’ll be given the Vaccine at the border.

Exiting the Togo border to Ghana Border.
You’ll be asked to pay 5,000 Cfa
(I don’t know why this particular one is on the high side but hello ma/sir, me I cried on their neck ni o, I paid lesser the fee but the fixed price is 5,000Cfa in case your trick doesn’t work.

At the Togo border, you’ll have to change your Naira to Cedis, if you have Naira
Or your CFa to cedis.

Advisable to only change the exact amount you’ll be needing from Naira to Cfa so you don’t have extra Cfa, because the exchange rate to Cedis is extremely unfavourable.

Entering the Ghana border.
Stamp Fee: 40cedis

Ghana cedis

This is where we blow the horn and say Akwaaba! You made it

Side Note: The driver that picks you from the Seme to Aflao border, will stop for you at every border to stamp your passport while he crosses to the other side to wait for you.
Make sure you know the colour of the car or start a relationship with one of the passengers for easy access.

Moving Forward:
Getting into Ghana.
From Aflao,  there are A.C buses to Accra.

Aflao to Accra = 31cedis.
(I have escorted you to the point of Peace, I believe before leaving Nigeria, you already made arrangements for Accommodation and you know where you are going.

In the next post, I will be sharing with you guys the apartment I stayed in and places to visit in Ghana.

Quick Tip: Always download an offline map of any city/country before leaving your home, in case you can’t access the internet, you’ll be safe navigating around.

Secondly: Learn to ask for directions from people in a polite manner. Don’t be too shy or timid to ask for help.

By now you already know the gist, travelling through the border is not that scary as they make it seem just know the procedures, have your money and be prepared.

It would have been tedious without these tips I Just shared with you, but now that you have this guide, you are ready to go.

Traveling back is way cheaper.
Congratulations you have successfully dis-virgined your passport and you’re now allowed easy entry and exit(is that not the irony of life?) I hope you get the gist ?

Exit from
Ghana border = 40cedis
Togo border= 500Cfa
Benin= 500Cfa

Ekaabo o(Welcome)

How was the journey.

Let me know in the comment section if you have travelled through any of the borders by road and share your experience with me. And if you are just planning to go, let me know if you find this helpful.

Remember to always share this with friends and families across your social media platform. Someone might need to read this.

Till another Episode “on the move with Toke” I remain your loyal Alarinka.

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E seun (Thank You)


  1. I plan to go before the end of the year, this is really helpful. Thank you for the tip.

    But one question, how much do you think one can budget for spending 3days in Ghana?

  2. Loved this. So I was in Cotonou for 4years and I’ve gone through both borders, guess what? There’s a third border to Benin Republic but it’s much farther in Kwara state.
    For so weird reason, I never got to go to Togo, much less Ghana? and at the time I am as was there, 1000 Naira was about 3,600 CFA. Those were good times!

  3. Hi Tokes congrats on this journey,
    It was a nice experience , I travelled by road too with ABC company and it quite okay no hassle at the boarder just the coming down and crossing to find your vehicle after the stamping looks stressful and the stoping on the road was too much but it was a nice experience that add to the fun of the trip.
    Wish you success

    • Thank you Abiodun, do you know you can now go on this same trip alone using this tips and you will save yourself extra cash of 4k for transportation.

  4. I’ve traveled by road to Benin Republic tho… The border protocol was pretty easy for me. No hassle, just stamp and that’s all. Abeg, what was the exchange rate from Naira to Cedis???

  5. Never travelled on road to Ghana, but the way you explained this, I felt like I made the journey with you. Very informative. Well done??

  6. I’m a Nigerian-liberian and I’ve been to Liberian by road slot of time but I’ve never gone with my nin. I’ve not been able to renew my passport and would try to go with nin(national identity card) do you think I can without having problems with the immigration? Someone also advise me to go for an ECOWAS travel certificate but the price is high please I’ll be waiting for your response @[email protected] thank you

    • Yes you can go with your NIN but mind you you might end up paying double of the cost of Ecowas passsport crossing through all the borders. Best advise is to get the Ecowas passport.

  7. Hi, I think is being a while you travel that road at Aflac boarder weather you have a passport or not they are there to export you
    200gh to stamp your passport
    100 gh if you don’t have
    Yellow card 200cefa
    And they do it in such a way you will understand that they are telling you say if your country good you no go come o, telling you my experience today

    • That has been some of the issues traveling by land. The best thing is to have all your document. for a frequent traveler through that route you pay 50Cedi for 1st timer you pay 100cedis

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