Top 10 Tips to Navigating Various States in Few days

5 States in 5days

This is not a Fabbuu! You can explore multiple states in a week depending on how many states you want to explore.

Planning on Exploring Nigeria soon and you want to explore some states in limited time. This post is for you.

When I started exploring Nigeria, I had packed my bags and set out to explore one or two states at a time during the weekdays. As a full-time traveler, I have no days set aside.

Once I feel like it, I pack my bags and move.

I am not the type that plan trips, I go with my mood. My friends seem to feel it’s a bad one but over planning kills the fun or what do you think?

Earlier this Year, I planned on visiting the Western part of Nigeria, and I was so bent on exploring the neighboring states in 5days, it was draining but the success of that spurred me to go exploring the East Region.

Like Go girl!you can do this.

Guess what?! I did it.

Crashing my goals like these doesn’t only give me the victory satisfaction, it shows my strength and also adds to my knowledge.

I will be sharing some of it with you on this post. Stick around.

My Top Ten Tips

1: Befriend your Map.

Search for neighboring states you can visit within a short period of time on the same route.

I searched for the time range to travel from point  A to point B and from Point B to C.

Then checked how close point C was to A.

Example: Lagos to Ogun State: 1hr 8min

Ogun State to Oyo State:2hr:48min

And so on..

2: Searched how easy it could be to navigate the tourist attractions in each state.

Some are like 5hours or 7hrs within a state. Such might be hard to navigate within few days, you might want to leave that kinda state for the last.

3: Wake up as early as possible each day.

On some days, I wanted to sleep a bit more, but I know setting out as early as possibles the only way I can achieve my itineraries for each day.

and you know a little sleep a little slumber (fill in the gap)

4: Get your Accommodation closer to the Tourist Attraction location.

You want to find a hotel/ or any form of accommodation closer to an attraction site you’re trying to explore, this way it saves you more time to easily explore a particular destination and move onto the next.

5: Have enough cash at hand.

You don’t want to be stranded or spending more time queuing at the Atm/bank.

You want to be able to account for your time.

6: Get Contact ready: Tourguide contact: you want to call them beforehand to expect your arrival, for some tourist attractions don’t have the proper system. I had to wait for about an hour for the guide in charge of a particular destination.

7: Most Important of all:

Put your mind to it: you gotta really love adventure to pull this off, trust me it was tiring, for we hiked most of the time on this journey.

8: Sleep if you can within the short time during transit;( I don’t really get to sleep sha) You can rest during the trip, close your eyes a bit but don’t pass your bus stop oo 

9 : Drink A lot of Water:

My own energy boost and of course garri(Wink)

Feed well, for you need all the energy you Can get on this mission, get what works for you and stock up much of it

The last but not the least

10: If you can’t continue , please rest,and plan for another time. Remember nobody they rush us.

Feels good to finally share this on here, please if you have any contributions. kindly drop it in the comment section below, will love to read feedback from you if you finally get to use these tips in planning your forthcoming trips.

its still your homegirl Thattokelady a.k.a Alarinka of Afrika

Till another time on travel gist/tips with Toke



  1. Travel gist with Toke??. I can so relate to Google map being ones bestfriend. The importance of staying hydrated cannot be overemphasized. Thanks for all the tips. Not sure I can do 5 states in 5 days sha, I admire your strength. I like to fully explore a state before I move to the next one except there are no much tourist attraction in particular region I’m visiting then I can do that.

    • Hi Victoria, thanks for reading and you are right, some destinations can not be explored in a day, but yeah you can do it too.

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