Top 10 waterfalls in Nigeria and why you should Visit:

Nigeria is blessed with some of the most beautiful and fascinating waterfalls in Africa.

if you think I’m lying, wait till the end of this article and come argue with me in the comment Section.

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Today In no particular orders I will be sharing these top waterfalls destinations based on their accessibility and my experiences. Leggos!

1: Farin Ruwa waterfall

Farin Ruwa waterfall is arguably one of the most beautiful, stunning and stand out waterfalls in Nigeria. The majestic waterfall also called “White waters is located in Wamba local government area in Nasarrawa state.

Accessibility of this waterfall is not an easy task and definitely not one for the faint-hearted.  It’s about an hour tedious with almost no pathway to the waterfall from Wamba LGA and about 2 hours from  Lafia which is Nassarawa Capital.

The good news is that this waterfall is rewarding, the sight, the clouds, and the chilled crystal clear water will make you forget all the hardship you passed through and you won’t want to leave at any time soon.


From Lafia- take a bus going to Akwanga for about N400, and take another bus to Wamba LGA for about N200.

From the park, you can get a bike man to get you to the waterfall for about N3,000 to and fro

Note: they can’t get to the point of the waterfall. You’ll be dropped about 20km and you’ll have to walk to the fall.

Is this destination worth it?: Absolutely yes, all your sweat and penny.

Erin-Ijesha Waterfall

 I schooled in Osun state for 4years and I never thought of going to this waterfall until I was intentional about traveling in 2018. You see, traveling has to be intentional but aside that; the news about the bad road and maintenance of this destination back then was a turn off for me.

But here is the good news: Erin Ijeshu is the most popular, easily accessible, most structured, most touristic waterfall in Nigeria because of its close proximity to Lagos.

Olumirin waterfall also known as Erin -Ijesha waterfall is located in Erin-Ijesha, Osun state southwest Nigeria.

The waterfall is in seven stages;

Stage 1&2 is where the am waterfalls graciously from the top of the rock

Stage 3-7: Is an adventurous hike to the top of the mountain and another village called Efon-alaiye in Ekiti state.

There is a myth about the seventh Stage that has everyone going up there to see for themselves. it’s said that the waterfall pours from a small pot on the seventh Stage from a small stagnant stream. You should go see for yourself.

The waterfall is beautiful and it’s a must visit for all Nigerians and any foreigners that find themselves in the country.

The new development at this attraction made it ranked as one of the best attractions that attract tourists into the state of Osun.

There are now availability of chalet, easy access to transportation to convey people in and out of the falls, vendors and hospitable receptions.

Is this attraction worth it?; Hell yeah….

3: Arinta waterfall

Remember the small village from the top of Erin-ijesha, this waterfall is facing south of Olumirin, it’s located at Efon-Alaiye and it’s also in Seven stages.

This waterfall is easily accessible with a good road network, accommodating reception and a beauty to behold.

The Waterfall also has facilities for relaxation, picnic and hangout .

It cost N500 to access the fall but if you have extra cash to tip the guide, it will be highly appreciated by them.

The waterfall only flows gracefully from stage one to three and the rest are more like a mini fall or let’s say a rocky stream.

It’s quite an adventurous hike to the seventh stage, I didn’t know about this information when I decided to go visiting the falls so I went wearing slippers, I hiked to the seventh stage with my bike man without wearing slippers and I must say I enjoyed every bit of the adventure.


4: Awhum waterfall

the mysterious self glorifying waterfall like I love to call it is still one that leaves me speechless every time the thought of how beautifully situated in the middle of a big cave is something indescribable.

Awhum waterfall, which  is situated at Amaugwe village of Awhum town in Udi Local Government Area, Enugu state. Is a waterfall that is said to have been birthed by natural disaster.

Well that natural disaster turned out to be a blessing to the country.

CLICK HERE to read more about the waterfall

5:Owu waterfall

This is arguably the tallest waterfall in Nigeria and in West Africa water. Owu fall is undoubtedly a beautiful sight to behold and a must see.

The only waterfall that its flow intensifies with the volume of sound of songs sung by people  or screams is still a thing of mystery to every tourist that has been there.

This destination just like Farin,it  isn’t for the faint hearted.

My journey to this particular destination wasn’t a pleasant one, the road is terrible,there’s no network connection, zero to nothing on the road that leads there.

I navigated my way to Owu falls from Ondo state which took about 4hours to get to Oke-Onigbin at Owu-Esin the local government where the water is located.

From Oke-Onigbin, you can get bikes for N2,000 or more to and fro to the fall  depending on your negotiation skills.

Owu Falls is said to be at its best during the rainy season but I won’t advise this judging from the bad Rocky and muddy road.

Owu fall is best explored in groups, it’s not a destination for a solo traveler.

Mastgira waterfalls

This is that one waterfall in Nigeria that comes with ease and absolute bliss and it’s as easy as walking into your room from the kitchen.

Matsigra waterfall is located on Madakiya road,Kafanchan Kaduna state.

This is also one of the most unique attractions , beautiful natural waterfalls we have in Nigeria.

It’s said that the waterfall takes its source from springs on the Kagoro Hills cascading from four different natural funnels off the sheer rock cliff from about 25 metres to form a large pool at the bottom.

From Kaduna, take a public transport to Kafancha. From the park you can easily get a bike to the fall. It’s famous , free and easily accessible.

Matsigra waterfall

7: Assop waterfall

if I’m going to ever visit Jos again, Assop waterfall will be my top must see attraction, I call it the baby waterfall of the country. There’s something about this waterfall that made it appear to me to have a feature of a woman, beautiful feminine, innocent yet dangerous.

You can’t go too close because you can easily drown but you can enjoy it’s fascinating beauty from a mile away.

Direction: located 

Entrance fee: N50-200

Accessibility very easy to access

Tour Guide: Presence of the locals.

8:  Gurara waterfall

Erin iJesha is to West, so is Gurara to the North.

This popular jingo is located in Niger state on the road between Suleja and Minna. 

Gurara waterfalls got its name from a village bordering the river. It was said to have been  discovered by some Europeans who found the place suitable for relaxation and recreational activities on weekends. (They decided to develop the place into a reputable tourist resort).

This falls is one of the nation’s greatest potential holiday resorts. A tarred road leads to the falls where there is a mini bar and a permanent pavilion which is erected at a strategic point thus offering to tourists the best view of the Falls while sitting and relaxing.

This mother nature has small streams diverts from the main Gurara river running softly around rocks on top of the cliff, converging from score tributaries in the narrow rugged pass and dashing out from the cliff with a gushing power.

9: Mbambga Waterfall

take me  back to Taraba please.

⁣Mambilla plateau boasts of nothing less than 10 waterfalls and Mbamngba is one of them.⁣

⁣This waterfall is blissful, naturally freezing and a sight for everyone to see.

I think Gongola should be making millions out of this attraction year in year out.

To get to this waterfall isn’t no joke, it’s a rocky dusty ride, thank God my bike man was a professional if not  it would have been a fallen and rising case.

This waterfall will always make the cut of my must visit waterfalls and I think everyone should see.

Location: Mambilla plateau , Gongola, Taraba State.

10: Agbokim waterfall

this is one amazing waterfall I can’t wait to visit. I have seen marvelous pictures of this destination that got me daydreaming as I’m writing this blogpost.

Located in Cross rivers state is the beautiful cascading waterfall of seven streams forming a lake at the bank of the river for swimming and picnics.

The waterfall is surrounded by lush greenery, valleys and steep hills which are enveloped in a rainbow-like aura. Its freshness is captivating and has an alluring serenity.


There are some waterfalls that didn’t make it to the list

-kwa falls, Ngwo waterfall, Ogbaukwu fall   Click here to read about them.

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Have you visited any of the above mentioned waterfall? If yes! What was your experiences like?

And if you haven’t, I hope you’re already adding it to your bucket list of top places to see in Nigeria.

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